Friday, October 15, 2004

Fish Sex and Sleep

When we sleep, the brain tries to deal with the information we've absorbed, the feelings and thoughts we are too busy to process during the day. I have been making some personal discoveries recently, as a result of which I am evolving, in some areas at least, at a rate of knots. Life is currently technicolour and varied, full of symbols and mystery and revelation. I frequently have spontaneous reveries and daydreams. One piece of information seems to be bleeding into another. It's not psychosis, I know perfectly well the difference between the real and unreal, but it is seductive. As a writer, this is great. As a person, it can be disturbing. I am lucky that the Inquisition no longer operates in London, 2004, or I would be burnt at the stake.

In a typical example of 1960s medical negligence, on the advice of a semi-trained GP, my parents drugged me as a 5 year old when my over-fertile imagination kept me from sleeping after my parents' divorce, so I have always been susceptible to this kind of transference.

I spent the night having vivid dreams, with both pleasant and unpleasant images. At one point, my arm was in a tank (Yes, Mr Freud) being bitten by a big fish with vampire-like fangs like a snake. Thankfully my protective (and rather funky) wetsuit prevented wounding. I woke up, and forced myself to think straight until the dream image dissipated.

According to this remarkable item, people can act out their dreams whilst in a sleepwalking state. The woman in the case described was having sex with strangers, and her husband worked it out after he found condoms around the house, eventually waking up to find her having sex beside him.

I read this and thought about the fish. Then I read that 13 people in 13,000 can tell if they are being lied to, and wondered whether I would be able to tell if my fish was lying to me or not. Then I woke up, soaked in water, my wetsuit beside the bed.

Now I am off to have a bath.

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At 7:50 AM, Blogger Indigobusiness quoth...

I think Dr Maureen O'Sullivan is lying about her name.


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